VDD SAS, the parent company of Devil’s Sale, was founded in 2001 and has a sales history in reconditioned computer hardware and software. In 2006, the company launched a private sales venture, establishing Vente-du-diable.com. To speed up website development, the company raised two million euros in funds with the investment company OTC Asset Management in 2007.

The project was highly ambitious, because it represented the 1st high-tech private sales website. Ten years later, it has been an overwhelming success. 

Since 2016, the company joined the group Green & Biz and became VDD SAS.

VDD SAS has announced the purchase of Pixmania.com, which has been validated by the Tribunal de Commerce of Nanterre, on February 5th 2016

With over a million unique visitors every month, Vente-du-diable.com is a benchmark in the industry. It was chosen as the “best high-tech Website” in 2008 by Micro Actuel magazine.

Since its creation, Devil’s Sale has significantly expanded its offer, focusing on 5 key areas: High technology, Home, Sports, Fashion and Leisure.

This multi-sector expertise is highly valued by the Devil’s Sale community. The Website has around 3 million qualified partners: 60% men, higher professional occupations, 30 to 40 years old, online buyers seeking real opportunities, and fans of new technology and unusual products.

More than ever before, Devil’s Sale is aiming to offer the widest possible range of products and brands at prices that challenge all competitors. The Website offers over 1,500 private sales every year: fleeting encounters (2 to 5 days) that should not be missed.

These sales allow our partners access to well-known brands, with prices reduced by up to 70%. For our suppliers, it is a channel for selling off stock quickly, easily and on a large scale.

Depending on the case, we either deal directly with the brand or through trusted third parties for different types of supply. Our partners define how many products to offer in each operation in advance. After completing the sale, we send an order to our supplier for all the articles reserved.

As customer satisfaction is our priority, the product information includes the origin of the product and comes with a description of the guarantee. We offer new, reconditioned and second-hand products (link product origin)

A leitmotiv: Discretion, Transparency and Confidentiality of our clearance campaigns

We are committed to respecting sales networks.Therefore the access to our private sales requires identification to log in to the Website. This prevents price comparison websites and search engines from referencing the products.

Consequently, the appearance of offers with discounted prices does not destabilise the traditional distribution network. Therefore our partners benefit from additional turnover that is not obtained at the expense of regular business income.

This distribution network domain is highly valued by brands and distributors concerned about their image. It allows them to sell off large amounts of stock during short-term sales.

We work either by stock reserves or by the firm purchase of batches. Therefore delivery times to clients are usually longer than traditional e-commerce traders that have a permanent catalogue.

For clients in more of a hurry, we have opened a permanent shop at Vente-du-diable.com, with a range of high-tech products sent in 48 hours.

We offer logistical solutions adapted to every type of company. The performance of our logistical model is directly related to its flexibility. You have several options available:

·  Firm purchase of batches: we manage all logistical processing of the sale. You only have to deliver the predefined stock of goods to us.

·  Stock reserves:

o  Cross-docking: deliveries of orders prepared in our warehouse. We resend the products to the customers.

o  Drop-shipping: you manage all logistical processing of the sale, from preparing orders to delivery to the customer.

·  Emailing (clearance of “virtual” products, ticket sales, leisure, coupons): you send information directly to the client by email.

Our greatest asset is the high quality of our sales and marketing teams. Their experience, inter-relationship and enthusiasm allow them to build long-term partnerships and alliances.

Our partners are in direct contact with their Devil’s Sale interlocutor, which is rare in this kind of operation. The absence of a middleman guarantees an optimum response from our buyers.

They have a true mastery of online sales: pricing policy, e-merchandising, consumer behaviour.

Vente-du-diable.com was updated in 2012. The redesign of the Website has particularly enhanced the purchasing experience. It is now simpler, more modern, and the new version is even more tempting, as demonstrated by the significant improvement in sales performance.

Devil’s Sale is also supported by a perfect command of the mobile channel. This allows partners to buy anywhere, at any time, in the simplest possible manner using the Devil’s Sale Smartphone (iPhone & Android) application.